Photo StatLr (formerly called PhotoStation Upload) is a Lightroom Publish and Export Service Plugin. It adds a new Publish Service and Export target called "Photo StatLr" to the "Export" dialog. It enables the export of pictures and videos from Lightroom directly to a Synology Photo Station. It will not only upload the selected photos/videos but also create and upload all required thumbnails and accompanying additional video files.

Photo StatLr also supports the Lightroom "Get Comments" and "Get Rating" feature which will download comments and ratings from Photo Station to the Lightroom Comments panel (Library mode: bottom right panel). Besides that Photo StatLr can do a real two-way synchronization of various metadata, including descriptions/captions, tags/keywords, color labels and ratings.

You may find the software on GitHub:

Photo StatLr on GitHub

and some discussion on it here:

Photo StatLr in the German Synology forum

Photo StatLr in the International Synology forum

I started this tool when I realzied that there was no easy way to get my photos including all its metadata to my Synology Photo Station, which I really like as a distribution platform to Web, TV, tablet and mobile phones! I spent a lot of time and ambition for this tool. Many features were implemented on "request" of people that also used this software. Most of the feature are rarely used by myself. Nevertheless, I'm trying hard to make this software useful, reliable and fun to work with!

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